Places to visit in Meghalaya

  • Cherrapunji and Mawsynram
  • Shillong
  • Mawlynnong Village
  • Nartiang
  • Tura
  • Umiam Lake
  • Balpakram National Park

Meghalaya, known as the “Abode of Clouds,” offers a plethora of natural and cultural attractions. Here are some of the top places to visit in Meghalaya:

Cherrapunji and Mawsynram: These locations are known for their breathtaking waterfalls, including the Nohkalikai Falls, which is one of the highest waterfalls in India. The region also boasts the Double Decker Root Bridge, a natural wonder located in the rainforests, and the mesmerizing Umiam Lake.

Shillong: As the capital of Meghalaya, Shillong is a vibrant city surrounded by picturesque landscapes. It offers attractions such as the Shillong Peak, Ward’s Lake, and the Don Bosco Museum of Indigenous Cultures.

Mawlynnong Village: Known as “God’s Own Garden,” this village was declared the cleanest village in Asia and offers a serene and picturesque environment.

Nartiang: This location is home to the garden of monoliths, where large and tall monoliths pepper the area as a sign of respect to past kings. It’s a unique and surreal place to visit.

Tura: Located in the West Garo Hills district, Tura is an eco-tourist hub known for its natural beauty and relative seclusion from the highly multi-cultural environment of Shillong.

Umiam Lake: This mesmerizing man-made reservoir, located near Shillong, offers opportunities for boating, yachting, and skiing, making it a popular spot among tourists.

Balpakram National Park: This national park is known for its diverse flora and fauna, including rare and endangered species. It’s a great destination for nature enthusiasts and wildlife lovers.

These are just a few of the many captivating places to visit in Meghalaya, offering a blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, and unique experiences. Whether you’re interested in waterfalls, serene villages, or vibrant cities, Meghalaya has something to offer for every type of traveler.