Andaman Tour : Enjoy and explore the scenic beauty of the beautiful islands

Andamans and Nicobars is a paradise archipelago consisting of 572 islands. This place is known for its sun-drenched beaches, clear water, exciting adventures, and overall beautiful vacation destination. If you want to enjoy the beach vacation of your life, go on a holiday trip to beautiful Andaman. Green areas or beaches, Andaman Island, has many natural treasures that will make your vacation more attractive and enjoyable.

Explore Port Blair, Corbins Beach, Havelock Island, Nile Island, and Elephant Island. Enjoy exciting sports at the Andaman Water Sports Complex. Sightseeing tours offer an introduction to the history of the islands. Enjoy the bliss of paradise islands. Andaman tour is a customizable itinerary. Contact our travel expert for more information and modify the itinerary according to your choice.

Places you must visit in Andaman:

Arrival at Port Blair and enjoy the Sound and Light Show

After arriving at Andaman, you could feel that the island was waiting just for you. Port Blair is a beautiful city having an array of hotels, resorts, restaurants, and wonderful streets. You can enjoy water activities like speed boat ride, jet skilling, and baba boat ride in Aqua Fun Park. This evening moves towards Cellular jail and is amazed to see the history of the heroic freedom struggle, which will come alive through light and sound.

Havelock Island

On the second day of the  Andaman tour, spend the whole day amidst the scenic beauty of Radhanagar Beach. Enjoy the calm ambience and various games like fishing, swimming, snorkelling, etc.

Elephant Beach

Your next destination is Elephant beach on Havelock Island, where you can enjoy scuba diving amidst plenty of marine life.

Neil Island

Here you can enjoy the white sandy beaches of Bharatpur, Sitapur and Lakshmanpur, which are worth visiting.

Limestone caves / one-day trip to a mud volcano

For this trip, you have to leave your hotel around 3 am and see two amazing natural wonders through the dense Andaman forests and by boat through the mangroves. You will return the same day at 17:00 to spend the night in Port Blair.

Port Blair city tour:

Start the PortvBlair city tour with Ross Island, the administrative centre before independence. It used to be where Britain ruled all the A & N islands. This place is ideal for nature walks among friendly peacocks and deer. The island still has the commissioner’s palace, a bakery, a church, and the tomb of an old British officer, although these buildings are now in ruins. Later enjoy the Blair -port -tour, which includes the arrival of the Museum of Fishing (Aquarium) showing exotic marine beings to the Islands, the Museum of Anthropology -Significant Tribe and Antiquities, and The Marine Museum (Samudrika). The history of these suitable archaeological islands, a national memorial prison intended for loneliness, is a complex name for the terror of the islands and the complexity of water games.


Now it’s time to say Goodbye to Andaman. The abundance of marine activities of the Andaman tour will relieve stress and prepare you to return to your daily routine.