River Cruise in Sundarbans: how to enjoy the aqua thrill

Sundarban Tour Package

River cruise Tourism in Sundarbans is a luxury experience for the people who wish to enjoy the Mangrove Forest, The Tiger Reserve, and the rare scope of viewing the 700 species of wildlife from a safe distance on the riverbed. Tourists with a curious bend of mind about the aqua life of Sundarban must join river cruising in Sundarban. This unique way to safely and vividly enjoy the complex riverine ecosystem with the best possible authenticity.

Sundarban is located at the giant river trio Ganges, Padma, and the Brahmaputra delta.  Lots of rivers, canals, and creeks are found here. When you join River cruise tourism in Sundarban, you will witness a gorgeous aqua thrill, which you have never experienced before.

Now you may wonder, what’s the special about cruising in Sundarban?  The scope is plentiful– Along the journey, expect to spot several exotic species such as the Gangetic River dolphins, Asian small-clawed otters, turtles, and migratory birds like ospreys and Brahminy kites. And if you’re fortunate, you may get a glimpse of the Royal Bengal Tiger—the majestic king of the Mangrove Forest.

How exciting the cruising is in Sundarban!

Cruising at Sundarban explores the greens dissected by rivers, estuaries, creeks, and tidal rivers. Cruising along the home of the Bengal tiger is actually a thrilling experience. The tour is safe, but it is unpredictable. You cannot imagine even what will be the thrill of the next moment.

Cruising in Sundarban is an excellent way to explore its natural beauty and demography from a safe distance.  You cannot enter the core area of the Mangrove Forest, but from the cruise, you can glimpse the areas. The beauty of the rivers, the confluence, and the glimpse of aquamarine life will make you mesmerized, no matter what the season is.

Nowadays, houseboats are available to give you the luxury cruising feel. You need to check with the houseboats tour operators about their availability for booking houseboats. During monsoon, staying on the houseboat can be risky because of the high volume of water and risk of high tide, etc.  Therefore, it is always safe to book your cruise trip under the supervision of an experienced sundarban tour operator after checking the climate forecast for the coming 7-14 days.

Points you should take care of for cruising in Sundarban

Cruising in Sundarban is in good demand these days, making many tour operators mushrooming at random with apparently exciting offers to their clients. If you love searching the options online, use the following checklist to shortlist a profitable opportunity for you.

Always try to shortlist an experienced Sundarban tour operator

Cruising in Sundarban is an exotic experience.  It is always wise to find an experienced service provider with adequate experience organizing a cruising trip.  The cruise description is the important point here, and the cruise trip planning is the main requisite of a cruise tour.

Always check the itineraries before you book.

Two types of cruising arrangements are found here. You can enjoy cruising during the daytime. Secondly, you may spend overnight on the cruise on the waterbody. Before booking a cruise tour in Sundarban, you should plan for the whole trip in advance.

You can book a Sundarban trip package with cruising included.

If you want to enjoy the overview of the forest, you should book your cruise time in the morning or the daytime. Unless you want to stay on the river bed to enjoy the thrill of staying on aqua, it’s no point to stay on the cruise overnight.  You can easily book a Sundarban tour package with the facility of cruising included.  The decision will be better pocket-friendly, time efficient, safer, and will work for you as a practical trip plan.

Verify the climate before you book a cruise tour

Cruising on Sundarban is a pleasing experience, but if you face a hostile climate, it can be a terrific risk on the waterbody. The rivers and the confluences in the Sundarbans area can be dangerous during a cyclone or storm, which may turn fatal.

If you wish to enjoy cruising in Sundarban, you prefer to book the tour in winter. Also, check the weather forecast for any storm or high tide warning. It is not wise to board a cruise during a storm or in a disturbed climate.

Summing up:

River cruise tourism in Sundarban is quite popular now, but you should check the cruise’s arrangements and safety features before you book the ticket or book your trip online. Prior research online can help you to find the cruise trip costs and tariffs, where you can compare the market price.

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