Sundarban Travel: Overview of Sundarban as a Travel Destination

Sundarban Tour

Sundarban Travel: Overview of Sundarban as a Travel Destination


Sundarban travel is one of the most searched travel topics nowadays. The travel plan is all about visiting the Mangrove Forest butthe beauty of this Forest is essentially different than the other reserve forests in India.

The Forest of Sundarban is located on the Delta of the river trio The Ganges, The Padma, and the Brahmaputra. The abundance of Sundori tree in this area has initiated the name of the forest-Sundarban. Sundarban is a mangrove Forest and it is one of the largest Mangrove Forests in India. But what makes Sundarban a popular travel destination?

You don’t need to make an extensive travel plan

One of the best parts of Sundarban travel plans is its easy accessibility.  A weekend is  sufficient to plan the visit and it’s not a far off place from the metro city area.  No matter if you are service holder or a self-employed professional, managing a weekend for a tour is mostly manageable.  Easy accessibility is one of the reasons to choose Sundarban travel as a weekend trip.

You can travel solo or you can try the trip with your special one

The beauty of an organized Sundarban trip is its easy adaptability. You can plan the trip solo or you can plan the journey with your significant other.  In both the ways, the tour plan will keep you happy and enthralled.

If you are a forest lover or you love enjoying solo travel, Sundarban is an ideal place. Not far from the madding crowd, the destination is clad with natural beauty, and the forest offers you grand scope of enjoying wild beauty from a safe distance. If you are planning your mini honeymoon trip even in a short weekend span, Sundarban will offer you a wonderful scope of enjoying some quality time with each other.

You can arrange the tour under reasonable cost

The Mangrove Forest of Sundarban offers plenty of exotic tourist attractions but the cost of a Sundarban travel package cost is mostly reasonable than any other forest travel packages in India.  For a weekend vacation, you can plan your trip under a reasonable expense without burning your wallet.

In Sundarban travel plan, always try finding a program where you can the facility pick up and drop facility from the city so that you can enjoy the transit journey, you can save time on the way to reach the destination, and enjoy the journey in a hassle-free manner.

You have wide varieties of tourist attractions to enjoy


Visiting in Sundarban is a wise plan for the versatility of itineraries. You can include a lot like watching birds to watching turtles and crocodiles.  The watchtower tours are the best part to enjoy the wild life with an aerial view facility.  However, wildlife views are unexpected and you cannot predict earlier about your experience here.

Do not forget to visit Sajnekhali Bird sanctuary: regardless you are visiting the place in winter or in Summer, the Bird sanctuary will keep you enthralled always. You may watch here wide varieties of Indian and non-Indian birds here.

If you visit the Mangrove Forest in monsoon, it is certainly not wise to try cruising or boating on the riverbed because of the high volume of water in the rivers.

You can plan your travel in the new moon night. This is the best time to enjoy the magic lights of phytoplankton in the coastal water.

Crocodile sanctuary, turtle sanctuary, Mangrove Information center, Gosabavillage visit are the information resources to explore the forest area in detail.  The Forest are may offer you the glimpse of extinct dolphins or turtles, but getting even a glimpse of the Big Cat-the Royal Bengal Tiger is a matter of sheer luck.

It is easier to plan the tour

Reaching Sundarban is not a tough task. Like trekking in the mountain, you don’t need to seek permission from the authority. You need to finalize an experienced Sundarban tour operator who can offer you an organized Sundarban Travel plan with prebooked accommodation, confirmed availability of fresh foods, mineral water, and complete guidance to enjoy the Tiger Safari, Sundarban boating, Watchtowers visit, etc.

You can obviously try finalizing a sundarban tour operator by online research. But before you finalize and book a sundarban tour plan, always check a few points to be on the safer side of your travel plan.

5 points to check before booking a Sundarban travel package

  • Always confirm your pick up and drop facility and the time for joining the pickup group. Also, discuss about the availability of food on the transit journey.
  • Please confirm beforehand the arrangement of accommodation during your tours. Be sure about the availability of a local tour guide during your trip.
  • Always check the lists of itineraries: speak to your tour operator beforehand and take the list of the places you will be visiting during your trip. If you want to have any changes in the plan, talk to the person concerned.
  • Always ask for the provision of payment by G-pay or by Bank Transfer. If you can available the facility of card payment, it is a better option always. In all these processes, you can skip the liability of carrying hard cash on your tour plan.
  • Always verify the provision of trip cancellation in case you have an emergency to attend.

Summing up:

Now if you don’t want to research a lot online or you don’t have time to contact more than one Sundarban tout operator, you must select the best options available in the market with a proven track record.  You can contact Sundarban Wildlife Tourism: Please call 9903977200 to get the trip details about Sundarban tour and you will avail the best professional tour assistance. For more information about Sundarban Forest, the Mangrove Tiger safari, Sundarban Watch Towers, travel scope in the local villages, etc.  you may browse